2013 Pub Run Times

Here are the times from this year. Complete details at CoolRunning. Congratulations everyone!

Place Name Sex Time
1 Fred Kirk M 16:36.8
2 Ben O’Meara M 17:25.0
(P) David Hanson M 17:47.4
3 Andrew Lee M 18:09.4
4 Thomas Gendron M 19:17.7
5 Stephen O’Meara M 24:24.5
6 William Peters M 24:57.6
7 Kathy Baril F 24:57.9
8 Karyn Russell Merriman F 25:53.7
9 Benjamin Doe M 26:11.2
10 Kenn Jones M 26:19.4
11 Tyler Marcotte M 26:32.1
12 Richard Olson M 27:35.8
13 Neil Schmidt M 31:34.6
14 Michael Jakoby M 31:49.7
15 Tom Hoople M 39:17.1
16 Kurt Wight M 1:11:16.9
17 Stacee Crane F 1:11:17.4

The Four Things Every Pub Runner Needs on Race Day

So you’ve signed up, but maybe now you’re wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into. Don’t worry, you’re in for a great time (rain or shine).
  1. A Valid ID
    You’ll need it at check-in. Plus, you should plan on carrying it with you in case your asked for it at one of the beer stops, particularly  if you’re close to 21 or just blessed with youthful looks.
  2. Beer Money
    We couldn’t do this without them so show them some love by leaving a buck (or more) at each beer stop. And if you don’t? Well, let’s just say that we might have ways of making you wish you had…
    Note: if you registered online, we’ll have your beer money for you. How cool is that?
  3. Common Sense
    You’ll be running on the sidewalks and streets of downtown Nashua. Please be respectful of all pedestrians, vehicles, property, livestock and anything else you come across on the way. Above all remember that this is a fun event. So please don’t risk injuring yourself or others by doing anything stupid.
  4. A Safe Way Home
    We’re serious about this one. You’ll be drinking four beers in a relatively short span of time so please plan your transportation ahead of time. Our recommendation: convince a friend to come along. Not only can they cheer you on, but we’ll keep them from being bored if they volunteer.

That’s it. Any questions, post them below, on Facebook or by emailing info@nashuapubrun.com. We’ll be keeping any eye on all three right up to a few hours before race time so we’ll try to respond as soon as possible.

See you Sunday!

Save if You Register Online!

Thanks to a private sponsor, everyone who registers online will have their beers/tips covered. That’s right: you pay the registration fee and we’ll give cover your bar tips/fees. You still  have to leave $1 at each bar, but now it will be with someone else’s money!

Don’t worry, we’ll keep it a secret, so you still get to be a big spender at the bars. Of course, you could donate that extra $4 to Anne-Marie House…

The nitty-gritty:

  • All pub runners are still required to leave $1 at each bar.
  • Everyone who registers online will get $4 at check-in to cover the fee/tips for the bars. This offer also applies to online registrations made before today.
  • If there are still spaces available, race-day registration will be $30, but you’ll have to bring your own $4.